Meet Alison B. Thomas

Alison is fully licensed as a registered Psychotherapist, Occupational and Art Therapist under the college of Ontario.  She is also an emerging artist.


Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy provided for children, teens and adults.  LGBTQ, friendly and informed.  Marital/Couple counselling also available upon request.

How many sessions does counselling or psychotherapy generally take?

While every issue is different so is treatment length that is required. OT sessions are generally 1-4 sessions in length, while counselling and psychotherapy generally last from 6 to 10 sessions.

Are your services covered by extended benefits or insurance companies?

Many of the services are covered under insurance or extended benefits including OT and psychotherapy. Every insurance company is different and you should check with your individual provider to see if they will cover OT or psychotherapy services.

Do you directly bill to insurance agencies?

No, I am fee for service provider. That means that you must pay for the service up front and a receipt will be provided that you can them submit to your insurance or benefits company for reimbursement.

Are your services private and confidential?

Your privacy is of the upmost importance. Like all therapists in the province of Ontario, I am registered under provincial legislation. This means that I am required to uphold a code of ethics that is subject to scrutiny by a regulatory body.

What is your approach to counselling/psychotherapy?

While my background is Adlerian in nature, I would generally describe myself as having an eclectic style. I feel that everyone’s has unique issue and the approach taken with clients can be as varied as the individual’s themselves. For children and Teens, I specialize in the integrated treatment approach of Counselling, Art and Occupational therapy. For adults, I use a slightly more eclectic approach that draws from Adlerian, Narrative and Cognitive Behavioural theories depending on the issue at hand.